Motivate Our Youth Tour 2018

Motivate Our Youth Tour 2018 will be the tour that ignites the fire in students across the nation to become more engaged in their personal education. Our team is driven by a mission to build great lives, and improve the lives of students across this great nation. We are currently booking school that wish to have us come and share a message of hope, inspiration and motivation to their kids. We can relate to the kids in ways that open their eyes to the possibility of being successful. After an event it is typical to have students come up and ask us “what book should I read?”, or make statements like “I was going to drop out, but now, i’m going to finish. And maybe even go to college!”

It is no secret that the youth today is unmotivated about education, most don’t see the value in it. Our goal is to show every student, especially those in underprivileged areas, the importance of education and that life can be good, no matter what neighborhood or city you come from.

Together MentorHope and your school can build great lives, and Motivate Our Youth!

If you would like for information on pricing or to schedule please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you shortly