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Mentor: The Kid & The CEOA Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significants.

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Testimonials - School Faculty & Students

Library Fire letter with pics.
~Sarah Anne Fountain, Pollard McCall Jr. High School; Library Media Specialist
"Mentor: the Kid & the CEO seems to be just what my nephew needed. It motivated him to get into a program, get a positive mentor and he is making the changes necessary to become successful. As a college professor I am anxious to refer the book to students and use the material in the classroom. Mentoring may be the most important component missing in higher education today!"
~J. David Chapman, University of Central Oklahoma; CEO, Realty1
"I'm currnetly working on a project to discover "great" self-help kinds of books to have my health education students read. I have read numerous books (probably close to 50) over the last year or so. Our school librarian is assisting me in creating my reading list as well as in acquiring copies for use by my students. Your book is one of those "great" ones that I will include as part of my selection. You tell an uplifting and motivating story with solid principles "woven" in."
~John Lambourne, Jordan Public Schools
"I'm the library media specialist at Sebring High School in Sebring, FL. I get LOTS of books and almost always I take a quick look and either catalog them for the library or make them available to the staff. When I opened this book I could not put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. I then gave it to my principal, a very busy lady, and she read it within a day and returned it to me with a note of how impressed she was. I then gave it to one of our assistant principals. He read it quickly and said he was buying copies for two students. My library para wanted to know about all the action on this book so she read the book in one day. The book is now making the rounds of our faculty and we have decided to make it one of our book club books."
~Sandra Rankhorn
"I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am now reading it to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes. I am up to chapter 9 and they are very interested."
~Marie Bateman, Librarian, Folsom Jr. High
"I love the book! Thanks for the inspiration. As a high school teacher, reading this story gives me motivation! I really like 'the list' at the end of each page too"
~Jill Frechette, Tyngsborough Public Schools
"I thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational book which I read cover to cover without putting it down. I was also thrilled with the suggested reading list and delighted to find I had read several of them."
~Karen Russo, Pola Catholic High School
"My wife and I were very impressed with your message after purchasing and reading it this weekend. I feel that Mentor: The Kid & The CEO would be an excellent resource for our teachers and administrators as we start this new mentoring program."
~Eddy Carder, Assistant Principal, Mustang High School
"I looked through the book after I opened the package and started to read the first page. I have been unable to put it down and just finished it. Needless to say, I did not get much done at my job today, but then my job does require me to read books so I can recommend them to my students! Your book is wonderful and I am going to recommend it daily! I have read several of the books on your list and must say, yours is right up there with the best of them in terms of keeping my attention and giving me incentive to try harder."
~Jean Parker, High School Media Specialist
"My name is Carter Keating and I am nine years old. This book was entertaining and it made me want to help people in need, work harder, and run."
~Carter Keating
"Tom, what an inspirational story you have to share! I am an instructor at Francis Tuttle Technology Center and I just finished reading your book. I plan to require my students to read your book and encourage them to read more books from "Read". The program I teach is Quick Service Restaurant Management. The students will be studying to become Sonic Assistant Managers by completing course work and on the job training. I can't wait to see how much they can accomplish by using your book and its message as key tool for success."
~Kim Lynch, Quick Service Restaurant Management Instructor,Francis Tuttle Technology Center
"This book inspired me to make better choices and to be a better role model, so I can set good examples. Throughout the book, my opinion changed a lot! At first I thought it was stupid, but when I read further into it, I started getting inspired and I felt good inside altogether. This was an awesome book! Rock ON!"
~Tiffany Williams - 10th grader - Yukon High School, Mrs. Sorrels & Mrs. Becca Sullivan Advisory class
"I had my 17 year-old daughter read this book before I read it myself. She is a senior. She read the book in a day and said it was written on a level students will find easy and unthreatening. When I read the book myself...the book definitely hooked me in the first chapter. I consider myself successful in my family and career as a school librarian with a masters degree, but I still found things to learn in this book. I plan to implemment some of the items from "The List" in my own life."
~Brenda Allen, Librarian, Judge Frank Berry Middle School
"I love that is a simple read that I can offer to some of my struggling students and help them feel successful when they can actually read a novel quickly and get so much from it."
~Wendy Bauder
"I just finished reading your book. You are right, it is easy to read. I couldn't wait to see how the story ended. It sparked hope in my soul that people can change."
~Peggy Borlie, Library Media Specialist, Blacklick Valley Jr/Sr HS
"EXCELLENT book! I will make sure the students and staff all know about it and also get to read it."
~Gayle Shonkwiler, Newport High School Library
"I just started reading your book and I can not put it down. I am sure our students will find it very interesting as well because it addresses daily issues some are already experiencing."
~Delia Benavidez, Nueces Canyon Jr./High School Librarian
"I REALLY enjoyed the book and want to share it with my family and friends."
~Renee Boatman, Mustang Mid-High School Principals
"I thought the book Mentor: The Kid & The CEO was a very inspirational book."
~Diana Kyhl, Nine Mile Falls Schools
"The book was a fast and compelling read. It definitely makes you want to help someone!"
~Laurie Miller, Dragon School
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