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Mentor: The Kid & The CEOA Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significants.

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Testimonials - Government & Community Leaders

"I have enjoyed your new book Mentor: The Kid & The CEO. It is very inspirational and will challenge readers to get involved in the lives of others to make a difference. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight and encouragement. God Bless."
~Mary Fallin, Member of United States Congress Fifth District, Oklahoma
"There's much to learn in life and I am grateful that people like Tom Pace are willing to teach us. This is a compelling story and a powerful message."
~Mick Cornett, Mayor, Oklahoma City
"What a wonderful and inspiring story. As you have requested, I have given a copy to a friend, but kept mine to read again at a later date."
~Vince Hernandez, CEO, Red Cross of Central Oklahoma
"I just finished reading the book Mentor: The Kid & the CEO. It was an amazing, inspiring, easy-to-read book that I could hardly put down! We would like to distribute a book to each of our members and guests during our Annual Banquet this year. This is definitely a "pay it forward" book that should be passed around! Whether a member of the Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad, or another volunteer agency, civic club, church, school, etc. this book is sure to "JUMP START" everyone's "MENTOR BATTERIES!"
~Barbara Branham, Life Member, Fredericksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.
"Mentor: The Kid & The CEO is an awe-inspiring story serving a dual purpose. Tom's book encourages mentoring and at the same time, promotes literacy."
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~Erin Slater, CEO, College Mentors for Kids
"We really enjoyed the message, it was easy to read and motivational. I particularly liked the reading list at the end and the words at the bottom of the page. We passed in on to our 15 yr. old son who spent the whole trip reading the book. He enjoyed it as well which warmed our hearts because he is not really a "reader," but finished it in one day...that was a first. Can't wait to share it with our college freshman son."
~John and Kathy Lippert, Leadership Oklahoma City
"What a fabulous book! I am a volunteer officer in the United States Sea Cadet Corps and will be using the principals in the book to instruct our cadets during training. Thank you
~Hal Siegel
"Amazing! My wife and seven year old daughter finished reading your book in one evening. We simply couldn't put it down! A wonderful story that will intimately touch anyone who's ever made it the top, or just trying to figure out how to get to that next level. I'm adding this one to my required reading list for the young men I counsel, who are, in fact, searching for a better life and the means to get there! Thanks Tom and Walter for your inspiration!"
~Reverend Miles.K.Lewis
"Your book was truly a great read and I have shared it with my 84 year old parents. Next, I plan to share it with my grown children, ages 27 and 30."
~Ann Simank, City Council Member, City of Oklahoma City
"This book is a powerful reminder of what we all know we must do and be in order to become authentic individuals in the world. I will keep the book in mind for friends."
~Judy Seikel, Executive Director, Camp Fire USA
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