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Mentor: The Kid & The CEOA Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significants.

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Testimonials - Business Leaders

"Everyone should have the desire to never stop growing and learning. This book, Mentor: The Kid & The CEO, reminds us that mentors are a great way to achieve success in your physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social areas of your life. A quick read, this book is a must at all ages!"
~Dr. Gary Smalley, Author of Change Your Heart Change Your Life
"Couldn't be more timely! Best wishes."
~Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes Magazine
"A quick and easy read...the principles in this book will have anyone soaring like an eagle!"
~Dr.Tom Hill, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurs Soul and President and CEO - Eagle Goal Coach
"I've interviewed many celebrities including Chuck Norris, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar...the wisdom found in Mentor: The Kid & The CEO is right up there with the wisest of the wise."
~Linda Forsythe, Founder, Mentors Magazine
"This book is amazing! I read it and now I'm reading it again with my wife. Thank You for making such wonderful principles so easy to read about and learn!"
~Mike Foster, Owner, The Foster Institute
"Some books inform, some educate but all too few inspire. Mentor: The Kid & The CEO did all three for me. My grandchildren will be the first but I intend to evangelize the book to the CEOs that I meet and hopefully influence. More than a story of courage, Tom Pace has unleashed a meaningful contribution to our society. My thanks for the jolt."
~Jim Cecil, President, Nurture Marketing Inc.
"Here is a book that makes you think about life. It reminds you that your destiny is in your own hands. I truly enjoyed reading it and have ordered 10 more copies to give to friends."
~Amir Farzaneh, Immigration Attorney, Hall Estill
"I started reading your book. I hardly know what to say! I absolutely love it! The message is clear and compelling. This book is speaking to me on many different levels. I would like to be like Malcolm. But in many ways, I am so much like Tony. I think this book is going to make a big difference. I want to distribute them in quantity."
~Robin Khoury, Writer, Publisher
"Mentor: The Kid & The CEO was an easy read with lots of value. It gave me inspiration and motivation to tackle all areas of my life; not only as a business woman and single mom, but in my personal life as well. My teenage daughter also read the book and was inspired to take up cross country running. This book is a must read for all, regardless of what season of life you are in!"
~Pam Fleharty, Business Professional
"Thanks for the Book! I finished it waiting to go home from KC to OKC. The book spurred lots of thoughts. I feel invigorated, determined, thoughts of serving more in this life. I will be challenging my son to read this book and telling my friends about it"
~Tom Garret, Regional Sales Manager, Walgreens Home Care
"Thanks again for the book! It was an amazing read and I'm going to buy more. Keep up the great work!"
~Tim Strange, CCIM, SIOR, Managing Director, Sperry Van Ness
"Thank you so much for writing Mentor: The Kid and The CEO. The recommended reading list in the back of your book is inspiring. I immediately made a copy and started tracking the books I have completed. Your list is an excellent starting point for anyone who wishes to achieve true significance."
~Brett Windsor, Business Express Banking
"Your book is wonderful! I am a criminal defense lawyer, and have shared copies of your book recently with several clients upon their release from the Oklahoma County Jail. I drive down Britton Road almost every morning to the waters edge, at the East shore of Lake Hefner near the Lighthouse, to see if I recognize any of my clients jogging by. Once again, wonderful book with a significant message."
~Robert A. Jackson, Attorney, Jackson, Hall & Associates
"Compelling from the very first page. Tom mentors all of us with his steps to success."
~Ron Moore, CEO, Dale Carnegie of Oklahoma
"Whether you are an idiot like me or the president of a company like me, you will want to read this book! You will want to get up and take action!"
~Jeff Horany, President, Hoco Enterprises Incorporated
"Engaging, uplifting and inspiring story! I grew up in Oklahoma City and fished with my dad in Lake Hefner in the '50s and was remembering great mentoring by my dad as I read your book. Thanks for the memories and thank you for a super story that's doable. Who of us has not been mentored whether we acknowledge it or not? I've been mentored in several ways and would like to do this favor for others. Easy read book...makes me feel like I just came out of a John Wayne movie!!!"
"This is one of the best inspirational books I have come across. I got this book at a stand in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City last week and by the time I got home from work the next day, my wife had just about finished it off, and I finished it today. Thanks for an awesome book. Our bookshelves are lined with the many of the books on your list, and this is one I will pass on to my mentors, and also the people that I mentor! Thanks again!!"
~Terry Dueck, Owner and Founder, TS Ventures.Net
"A wise person once told me that there are 2 kinds of people. There are Givers and there are Takers. This book makes you want to be a Giver. No matter what level you are at in life, it is a great story that is very effective at motivating you to do the few simple things to get to the next level."
~Ben Keating, Owner, Port Lavaca Ford
"I recommend the book to all of you. I read the it and loved it!!!! Thank you for being so generous and sharing it with all of us! I will recommend it to others."x
~Robin Stanaland, Vistage CEO Organization Chair
"I thought that The CEO & The Kid was a great read and very motivational. I read it over the weekend-your estimate of about an hour was perfect. I thought that you did a great job of identifying the key building blocks to success. Physical exercise, mental exercise (reading), having a routine, following through on promises, making moral decisions -- these are so important yet often and easily forgotten. Your book's guidance reminded me of the mission of my alma mater, the Naval Academy. While we were midshipmen we were always encourage to better ourselves "morally, mentally, and physically"
~Tim Lobner, Senior Associate, TrammellCrowCompany
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