Job Corps

Why are so many Job Corps Centers using Mentor: The Kid & The CEO in their curriculum?

  • Higher class engagement
  • Y2Y/community involvement
  • Improved literacy and reading comprehension
  • Life and career-ready skills

For more than 10 years this book has been used in a joint effort to prepare those who enter Job Corps with the skills they need to succeed both in life and in the workplace. MENTOR: The Kid & The CEO is a quick, easy to read novel, allowing it to be read and comprehended by virtually all trainees that attend. The following guarantee is printed on the back of every book:

“If you read this book cover to cover and think it was a complete waste of time, call me and tell me why and I’ll give you $50- Tom Pace 405-752-0940

Since adding this to the cover over a year ago, we have received numerous calls from staff saying that students are reading the book more than ever. So far, we have only received 5 calls from students wanting to receive their $50. And if they read it, we paid it. If you are afraid your students won’t read it, try it for free here.

Some of the centers using “The Mentor”

  • San Jose Job Corps Center
  • Miami Job Corps Center
  • Paul Simon Job Corps Center
  • Atterbury Job Corps Center
  • Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center
  • Great Onyx Job Corps Center
  • Loring Job Corps Center
  • Penobscot Job Corps Center
  • Grafton Job Corps Center
  • Guthrie Job Corps Center
  • Tulsa Job Corps Center
  • Talking Leaves Job Corps Center
  • Delaware Valley Job Corps Center
  • Gary Job Corps Center
  • Weber Basin Job Corps Center
  • Charleston Job Corps Center

For more information on how “The Mentor” can help your center please contact us below