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“I love the book! Thanks for the inspiration. As a high school teacher, reading this story gives me motivation! I really like ‘the list’ at the end of each page too” ~Jill Frechette, Tyngsborough Public Schools

“Ive interviewed many celebrities including Chuck Norris, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar…the wisdom found in Mentor: The Kid & The CEO is right up there with the wisest of the wise.” ~Linda Forsythe, Founder, Mentors Magazine

“This book inspired me to make better choices and to be a better role model, so I can set good examples. Throughout the book, my opinion changed a lot! At first I thought it was stupid, but when I read further into it, I started getting inspired and I felt good inside altogether. This was an awesome book! Rock ON!” ~Tiffany Williams – 10th grader – Yukon High School, Mrs. Sorrels & Mrs. Becca Sullivan Advisory class

“I love that is a simple read that I can offer to some of my struggling students and help them feel successful when they can actually read a novel quickly and get so much from it.” ~Wendy Bauder

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Tom Pace wrote this book for YOU. “The Mentor” is based on real-life events that happened to Tom and those around him. He wrote this book to inspire people just like you and to show them that no matter how low life gets, you can always climb back up and be a person of happiness, wealth, and significance if you choose to be. This book is been read and listened to by people all across the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired to take the action in order to live great lives. GET YOUR FREE COPY TODAY!