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Mentor: The Kid & The CEOA Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significants.

Meet Tom Pace

Millionaire Tom Pace interviewing with Kerry Robertson

After more than 30 years of mentoring experience and 100's of students,
here is a glimpse of his story.

In 1987, Tom Pace had $62.53 to his name and a solid reputation as a failure. He was 30 years old and had a string of 30 jobs that he hadn't been able to hold, along with failed attempts at college. He had entered adulthood with the ability to read at a fourth-grade level and the fact that he had Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia did not help the situation. He had hit rock bottom in his life: total despair, depression, wanting to give up and wanting to commit suicide.

Today, Tom Pace is an avid reader, having read over 500 books on the topics of: mental, physical, spiritual, financial and relationships. He has read his favorite book, The Purpose Driven Life, over 30 times! Tom is also the founder and CEO of the PaceButler Corporation; a multimillion dollar international company. Tom is happily married with two wonderful daughters. He enjoys reading, running and skiing, as well as mentoring numerous individuals from diverse backgrounds. Tom gives a major credit of his success to mentoring; which is the reason he wrote the book, Mentor: The Kid & The CEO. The book is based on actual events from his life experiences and passes on the same principles that he used to create health, wealth, prosperity and significance.

To learn more about Mr. Pace, visit his company website, www.pacebutler.com., and view stories and articles that have been written about him and his company.

He was written about in Purpose Driven Connection magazine in an article titled PEACE Partners: The Great Giveaway subtitled "Tom Pace brings the principles of The Purpose Driven Life to prisoners across the nation."

The Academy Perspective wrote about Tom Pace saying "He knows the power of an encouraging word that can change a life and change a person's destiny." The article in the December 2009 edition is titled "Mentor: The Kid and The CEO is an inspiring book to read."

"According to the men, it was a true story that they could identify with. The book more importantly laid out a clear plan of achieving success and significance", writes the Hominy News Progress in their article titled "DCCC Faith & Family Graduation."

Walter Jenkins is the proud father of Katie Jenkins. Before beginning his career as a writer and speaker, he was an attorney and sports agent. He is a former managing editor of the Oklahoma City University School of Law Law Review, and he has edited and published articles on numerous subjects. In his spare time he enjoys studying tae kwon do, scuba diving, riding his bike and training his German shepherd, Jake the wonder dog. Visit his website at www.walterbjenkins.com.

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