Tony has no direction in life and no hope for his future ~ until he meets Malcolm, a businessman who has faced many of the same challenges. Because Malcolm is willing to share his knowledge and experience with Tony, they both become successful and significant. There are setbacks for both student and teacher, but with hope and action they overcome challenges & difficulties and achieve significance.

This is a simple story about an unlikely pair of friends who learned the meaning of trust to overcome the odds and turn their failures into dreams. This is the ultimate story of hope.

Mentor: The Kid & The CEO on sale for only $7.48/ea 


Tom Pace started Pacebutler Corporation in 1987 with $62.53 today he is a multi-millionaire. He has run over 50 marathons and the state of Oklahoma, 236 miles. Tom also has bicycled across the United States. Tom is very approachable. His philosophy is “The more you give, The more you live”. He is happily married with two wonderful daughters.